Jul 122017

In early Theosophy it was postulated that both the physical body and its energy body draw a portion of  their nutrition from a type of energy known as Prana in the Vedic Traditions, and Chi or Vital Force in other practices.  This assimilation is done through a  non-physical network of energy acquisition points called Chakras in Sanskrit.

The PDF file here is a paper that I did for the SMOP group in 2014 that describes the Chakra System and how its functionality affect both the physical and emotional states of the individual.

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The Chakra System – October 2014

Jul 092013

ArcellaLabeledConsciousness, the human mind, is defined by neuroscience and neurosurgeons to be the result of electrochemical activity within the brain.  In the view of neuroscience the firings of synapses in different areas of the complex arrangement of specialized cells and nerves that make up the brain combine to somehow produce our cognitive abilities.  It is the use of this brain generated and brain localized mind/consciousness that this field of science says enables us to do such things as: find and consume foo