In present day Western culture most people hold one of three world views.  These views, or belief systems, delineate their understanding of what defines reality and are based upon either “science”, “spirituality/mysticism”, or what is generally referred to as “real world”, with the vast majority of people, I believe, holding to the “real world” paradigm.

That is not to say that the real world paradigm doesn’t have elements of both science and spirituality/mysticism in it, but for most people reality consists only of what they can personally experience through the use of their five senses.  Typically, in the real world, world view, you will find spirituality without mysticism, and then only in the form of a recognized formal religion.  Science enters just enough into real world life to enable one to perform the general mundane day to day tasks.  Esoteric concepts, whether held by the Theoretical Physicist or Buddhist Monk, seem to be of little interest to the average person.

From a very early age however, I found all three world views to be personally attractive, routinely moving from one view to the next as appropriate to the circumstances as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do.  It was not that I jumped from one world view to the next; rather it was like the three world views, each represented by a strand of fiber, were in turn plaited into a single braid that made up my world view, each strand weaving in and out and forming an equal element of the braid.

This was the case for most of my life, but at some point I came to realize that my world view was no longer a braid consisting of three strands, but a single strand that encompassed all of the aspects of science, spirituality/mysticism, and real world, the three no longer retaining any aspect of separateness.  I had come to the realization that one had to understand each of the three in the context of the other two to truly understand who and what we are, and to understand the world that we live in.  Once that understanding began any appearance of disconnectedness between the three world views dissolved and the model of reality that I call The Science of Metaphysical and Oriental Philosophy began to form.

John R. DeLorez

(From the introduction to a work in progress titled A Room With Many Views©by John R. DeLorez)

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