On Mental Travel, Remote Viewing and Clairvoyance

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Jun 292024

014In a recent discussion about the U.S. Military Remote Viewing Handbook that is now available for public access, I brought up that what is today called Remote Viewing is a practice that I was introduced to early in my studies [1] under the name of “Mental Travel”, a specific practice within the area of Clairvoyance.

The term Remote Viewing was coined by physicists Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ at SRI International in 1972 to label a process whereby a person allows their awareness to expand sufficiently to be able to focus on a remote location and/or event, viewing it as if they were physically there.

The basic perception of how this is possible is that the consciousness of every individual has the ability to access information through means beyond the five physical senses. These additional non-physical or extra-sensory senses provide us with the ability to observe or sense information for which there is no apparent physical means of access. They are lumped together by modern Parapsychology under the name of Extra-Sensory Perception or E.S.P.

Now, in addition to its original reference to “seeing at a distance”, the term Remote Viewing has been expanded to encompass a range of abilities that in the past were grouped under the name Clairvoyance within the Oriental Occultism Philosophy[2] modalities of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, at the Rhine Research Center, in a recent post on his blog titled Remote Viewing and Stock Market Predictions discussed a paper authored by Christopher Carson Smith, Darrell Laham, and Garret Moddel entitled Stock Market Prediction Using Associative Remote Viewing by Inexperienced Remote Viewers, which explained, in part, “each participant in the study remotely viewed (emphasis mine) an image from a target set of two images, one of which he or she would be shown approximately 48 hours from that time. Of the two images in the target set, one corresponded to whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) would close up, while the other corresponded to whether it would close down at the end of the intervening trading day. For feedback, the viewers were shown only the picture actually associated with the actual market outcome. In aggregate, the participants described the correct images, successfully predicting the outcome of the DJIA in seven out of seven attempts (binomial probability test, p < .01). Investments in stock options were made based on these predictions, resulting in a significant financial gain.

My purpose in mentioning the preceding is not to in any way detract from the value of the work being done today in studies such as this, but to merely point out that the ability to “see” an event in the future that is now being called “Associative Remote Viewing”, and in some cases that I have seen, “Mental Time Travel”, is not a new thing, but has traditionally been studied under the classification of Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing).

I am not sure whether this re-labeling of abilities is being done in an attempt to distance this area of Parapsychology from any association with fortune telling or other “non-scientific” practices, or that today’s researchers are truly not aware of what Clairvoyance is, nor are they conversant with just how much research into this area has already been done by their predecessors in the West over the last 125 years.

Although it could be both, I am afraid that it is predominantly the latter, because much of what I read about present research doesn’t seem to be actually covering any new ground or provide for any new approaches, so what follows is a brief introduction to Clairvoyance in its many forms for any who might not be familiar with the subject of Remote Viewing under its original name.

Because of the way it is frequently used in today’s popular culture, the word Clairvoyance more often than not elicits an immediate negative reaction. But when used properly Clairvoyance can either designate one specific psychic sense: Clear Seeing, as in the case of the Stock Market Prediction Using Associative Remote Viewing by Inexperienced Remote Viewers study referenced above; or it can be used in a broad sense to encompass the entire set of psychic senses exhibited by individuals who were either born with a working awareness of these extra senses, or who have worked on developing one or more of them through study and exercise, as is the case for the Remote Viewers that the Military Manual was developed for.

The half dozen individual psychic abilities most often found under the heading of Clairvoyance are listed below. They are interrelated parts of what could be viewed as a parallel nonphysical nervous system, and in most cases, all are possessed on at least at some level of capability by those considered Clairvoyant.

1. Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing, the ability to see people, places and events through means other than physical sight, using a more traditional label, or Remote Viewing and/or Mental Travel to use the more modern one

Clairvoyance may provide an image of something in the present or from the past. The latter form has been used successfully in Archeology on dig sites to “see” what the area looked like in the far past. Decisions on where to dig on the sites that were based these images have borne fruit in finds that would have otherwise been missed without using this technique. It has also been used in the viewing of maps of areas like the Sahara (and labeled as Remote Viewing by the Archeologists) to select areas for exploratory digs. There too it has produced good results.

Clairvoyance may also provide an image of the future, as in the Stock Market study cited above, but those who were traditionally experienced in this area always warned that at the moment that an image is viewed it is the probable future. But as time passes the probable future is subject to change, and the further out in the future that the image viewed is, the more likely the change.

Those who practice Clairvoyance also frequently experience Clairaudience with the images, in other words, pictures with sound.

2. Clairaudience: Clear Hearing, the ability to hear sound that is psychically rather than physically generated. For example, this could be a disembodied voice or voices, or the sound of music when there is no physical source for it, or the full range of sounds that come with a Clairvoyant Vision of either a distant place (Remote Viewing), or sounds associated with the past of a physical location which the Clairvoyant person is experiencing, etc.

3. Clairsentience: Clear Feeling, in the popular vernacular an Empath. One who possesses Clairsentience is able to feel the emotions of others and can frequently do so whether the person is in their presence or at a distance if there is some form of linkage between the individual and the Clairsentient.

Emotions can also be felt by a Clairsentient that have been imbedded either in the past or present in material objects or physical areas. Sensitives and Mediums who can sense strong emotions from the past in their surroundings fall under this classification. Some also use the term Psychometry for this ability, but I do not believe this to be accurate since in Psychometry much more than just emotions can be detected. Clairvoyance frequently also comes into play in Psychometry.

4. Claircognizance: Clear Knowing, the ability to just “know” that something is true without any physical means of acquiring that knowledge. A somewhat mundane example would be to suddenly just know that an alternate route should be taken to avoid an area, without knowing that an accident has occurred on the road ahead. Premonitions are one form of Claircognizance.

The last two kinds of Clairvoyance that follow generally go unmentioned by name in early reference works on the subject. They were forms of information that were just accepted as being so much a common part of our ability to interpret nonphysical energies in physical symbolisms such as a scent, as to not really require singling out. A classic example would be that smell of flowers than most of us have occasionally experienced when there were no flowers present. Although more recent reference works do provide them with names, they are still rarely mentioned.

5. Clairalience: Clear Smelling, also sometimes labeled Clairescence or Clairolfactance, it is the ability to sense non-physical information in the form of a scent or smell.

6. Clairgustance: Clear Tasting, similar to Clairalience in that non-physical information is sensed in the form of a taste. Since the physical senses of taste and smell are so closely related, these two psychic senses are also frequently experienced together.

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[1]Beginner’s Exercise That Was My Introduction to Mental Travel

As was mentioned in the opening, I was introduced to the practice of Mental Travel early in my studies. As part of that introduction there was a beginner’s exercise provided for learning Mental Travel/Remote Viewing. For those who are willing to put in the effort, a summary of that exercise is given below. It starts with learning to do Mental Travel or Remote Viewing within the boundaries of your home, and since this is an exercise that will generally require repeated practice initially, it is recommended that you choose a room for this exercise that you can make use of frequently, and where you won’t be disturbed.

  • Because it is your home and you are there all the time, most of what is in the room has long since been relegated to just background information, so the first step is to walk around the room really looking at everything in it, taking note of as much detail as possible.
  • Next, if there is not already a chair in the room near the middle, place one there and sit down.
  • This exercise works best if you are already accomplished in reaching a light meditative state at will. With your eyes closed, relax and center yourself, than begin creating a three dimensional image in your mind of the room around you. Make it as detailed as possible.
  • Once you have this image fixed, see the room in your mind from the perspective of you standing up. Then continue the visualization of what the room looks like in your mind as you move to a location somewhere in the room behind you.
  • Once there, examine in detail an object or book as if you were physically there. For example, in the case of a book see yourself opening it and read what is written on the page that you opened it to.
  • Then, again in your mind, return to the chair and view the room as it is in front of you.
  • Open your eyes and compare what you physically see to what you saw in your mind.
  • You will want to repeat this exercise as often as necessary for it to become fairly easy for you. Once you have reached that point you can begin to test yourself. In the case of the book visualization, when you have finished the exercise actually get up and go to the book and look up the page that you visualized, and see if it matches what you saw in your mind.
  • When you find that you can satisfactorily reproduce your surrounding room in your mind and travel to any part of it with reasonable accuracy, the next step in the exercise is a straightforward one. While sitting in your chair, in your mind simply go to the door and walk out of it. The door in this step is your gateway to whatever destination you have decided to go visit, and you can find yourself in your room one second, and upon going through the door, in the next second find yourself at your destination.

Bon Voyage

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

[2] Oriental Occultism as a field of study comes from the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society. In the early Theosophical Society there was both an Exoteric Section (formalized in 1875) and an Esoteric Section (formalized in October 1888). From the beginning there was significant resistance on the part of the bulk of the membership towards the activities of the Esoteric Section, and by the 1930’s or perhaps even earlier, the Esoteric Section just seems to disappear from public view. As a result of the reduction in published works from the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society after this time, modern publications on subjects such as Clairvoyance (Remote Viewing) provide very little information on the methodology needed for acquiring these skills.

While many people are at least familiar with the Theosophical Society by name, I find that most in general seem to have very little awareness of how large a role this society has played in the numerous Western Spirituality Movements that have sprung up over the last 125 years or so. Names like H. P. Blavatsky, Colonel Henry Steel Olcott, and W.Q. Judge are always mentioned in articles about the founding of the Theosophical Society and are credited for heavily influencing the growth in interest in Eastern Philosophies that followed the founding of the Society, but many other names that show up in discussions about the Spirituality Movements that came into being in the 20th Century are also people that either played a prominent leadership role in the Theosophical organization throughout their lives, or were active in the Society for a period of time prior to breaking off to form their own organizations. This list includes names of people such as; Annie Besant, Katherine Tingley, Rudolf Steiner, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Alice Bailey, C.W. Leadbeater, A.P. Sinnett, T. Subba Row, G. de Purucker, Jinarajadasa, Manly P. Hall, The Ballards (who formed the I Am movement), Rudolf Steiner (who was expelled from the Society by Annie Besant, along with the entire German Section of the Society and all of its branches because of Steiner’s development of Anthroposophy), and Max Heindel (who formed the Rosicrucian Society in Oceanside California).

A number of prominent organizations (in addition to those already mentioned) were initially formed by Theosophists, such as the London Society for Psychical Research (S.P.R.) founded in part by F.W.H. Meyers, W. Stanton Moses and C.C. Massey, prominent Theosophists of the late 19th Century, and in San Jose, California, The Rosicrucian Brotherhood (AMORC).

A sampling of names of prominent people who credited Theosophy with either providing them with their world view, or for having had a profound influence on their lives include Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Thomas Edison, L. Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz), Paul Gauguin, William Butler Yeats, Henry Ford, Mohandas Gandhi (who in his autobiography claimed that the members of his Indian National Congress “were all Theosophists”),Elvis Presley(!), Jane Goodall, and rumor has it, Albert Einstein, just to name a few.

An excellent timeline covering the growth of the Theosophical Society, including all of the in-fighting, splintering off into new groups, and internal politics that keep reshaping the society into something that I doubt Blavatsky would recognize, can be found in the book; The Theosophical Movement, 1875 ~ 1950, put out by The Cunningham Press, Los Angeles, CA in 1951, if you can find a copy through one of the Antiquarian Book Sellers.

Astrology, the Disrespected Science

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Jun 262024

by John R. DeLorez, BSEE 73 Purdue Univ.
The Parapsychological Association, Supporting Member


The science community traditionally views astrology as a pseudoscience,
but researchers have begun to publish findings indicative of a correlation between
patients experiencing specific types of mental health disorders and the time of year
of the patient’s birth.

This research was discussed in an article published in the July 2011 edition
of Psychology Today, somewhat humorously titled: “Science Confirms Astrology!
Not really. But those Pisces have something fishy going on” [1]. In it the author
assures the reader that he still does not believe in astrology but acknowledges that
a statistically significant number of patients being treated for conditions such as
schizophrenia and bipolar disorder share the same birthday months.

I have only a limited knowledge of the research being done by these
scientists, but it is my understanding that their findings of a correlation between
date of birth and personality type is being presented as something new.

But the concept of one’s birth date predetermining the presence of specific
personality traits has been a universally accepted belief in Astrology dating back to
its beginnings in the 3rd millennium BC.

Throughout Astrology’s long history, a spherical coordinate system
database was built recording the three-dimensional positions of each astronomical
body relative to points designated by longitude and latitude on earth.

Drawing on this database the Astrologer can recreate the celestial
arrangement of the planetary bodies for specific locations and times and draw on
a history of observed character traits associated with those born on that day of year.

Though the science-based fields of study consider astrology to be
pseudoscience lacking any basis in the hard disciplines, it is in fact one of the first
fields of science to be explored in depth by ancient cultures and played a significant
roll in the development of today’s fields of astronomy, physics, and mathematics.

For example, still in use for calculating planetary orbits around the Sun,
Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion [1] were developed between 1609 and 1619
by Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, and
natural philosopher. The words astronomer and astrologer were used
interchangeably during Kepler’s time, and universities who taught the subject
during that period identified it as Astrology.

So why is it that despite astrology’s long history of contributions to science
it is now looked on by that community as a pseudoscience lacking compatibility
with modern physics.

I suspect that is at least in part because of its’ two-part nature. While
Astrology is a science, what an Astrologer does in the practice of Astrology is an

Unaware of a scientific base for Astrology, ordinary people see nothing
more than a collection of beliefs based on a scenario where planets and planetary
bodies orbiting the sun in some way play a role in how they live our lives.

Physical evidence of celestial body interaction with earth is available on a
daily basis if one knows where to look. In the text that follows I will discuss that
evidence and use the principles of Conventional Science’s Electromagnetic Wave

Physics as a model for the operating principles behind the interactions between us
and the celestial.

Astrology’s Operating Parameters

Astrology is a process of cause and effect, the cause being the wave energy
dynamics of the planetary body’s composite energy fields bathing the earth and
those on it. The fact that it is a wave energy field not visible to the naked eye or
measurable with the standard test equipment justifies the dismissal of Astrology
by some as a belief that is lacking a physics-based methodology that illustrates the
manner in which planets at a distance impact the lives of people on Earth.

Satellites in orbit around the earth have been transmitting data collected by
that satellite, or relayed from other satellites, via RF Waves since the early days of
the Space Age. As a result, the earth is now immersed in a RF Cloud made up of
radio frequency electromagnetic wave energy propagated by the RF devices
(satellites) in space.

Comparable to the RF Cloud, there is what I have come to refer to as the
Celestial Energy Cloud, or CE Cloud for short. The CE Cloud is made up of a yet to
be defined form of energy that is associated with each of the planetary bodies in

But how do we know that this cloud exists if it is “a yet to be defined form of
energy” that we are unable to provide a description for the form of the energy that
it is made up of?

Because there are multiple examples of its’ effects on Earth, one of which is
the daily changing ocean tides.

As the moon orbits the earth its “gravity” attracts the water directly below,
and the tide rises. As the moon passes on, the strength of the gravity force
diminishes, the water level of the ocean drops, and the “tide goes out”.

For an example of a planetary gravity interaction over an even greater
distance, Jupiter, a planet that is roughly five times as far away from Earth as the
Earth is from the sun, wields a sufficiently strong gravitational force to warp
Earth’s orbit into a shape more elliptical than circular.

Science labels the yet to be defined force interacting between Jupiter and
Earth “gravity”. As an effect it is measurable and an object’s gravitational
magnitude accurately calculated, but the source of gravity has yet to be identified
or defined by science. We can measure it and predict its effects very well because
past data collection provided enough information that math equations were
developed for calculating the effects generated by whatever source, proving that it
is real and operates over vast distances.

Then there are the numerous astronomical radio sources that have been
identified, objects in outer space that emit strong radio waves that we now monitor,
some that have been identified as coming from a source billions of light years away.

Knowing that the planetary bodies emit the energy field associated with
gravitational effects, radio signals, etc., it is no great leap to accept that whatever
the form of this energy, it also likely to be the source of the influences on the human
energy field recorded in the Astrological database.

A form of energy not directly measurable by instrumentation, but whose
presence is observable is demonstrated by research done on how waveform energy
in the form of thought can have impact on the growth of ice crystals in a controlled
environment. This has been demonstrated in lab experiments done by Dr. Radin
and company. [3]

In these experiments it is was found that the water molecule’s energy fields
could be altered through a sympathetic vibration process of thoughtform energy
projected from a distance onto material water molecules in the process of forming
water crystals resulted in changes in their physical form.

Just as the wave energy pattern of thought in those experiments altered the
composite energy field of the water, the complex energy patterns produced by the
collection of elements and energies of the celestial objects that radiate outward to
eventually reach the Earth, will, though the process of sympathetic vibration alter
the CE Cloud of composite energy field of this planet that our consciousness is
immersed in.

Because it is not just one planet whose patterns of radiating energy reach
the Earth, but the radiating energy of numerous celestial bodies and smaller
objects in space whose relative bearing from earth is in constant change, the CE
Cloud is a constantly evolving complex composite pattern of energy altering the
Earth’s energy field also through the sympathetic vibration process.

To illustrate how changes in the relative positions of the galactic energy
sources change the energy patterns in the CE Cloud, the first image is of the
composite pattern created by three signal sources lined up on single line, a zero
angle, each radiating a circular pattern.

If both the end sources moved together on one side, the overall pattern
would change creating a greater concentration of energy on the side that they
moved to, as in the second image.

Changes in the angles by which the waves of energy patterns coming from
the planets alter the form of the patterns in the CE Cloud and are the source of the
changes in the effects triggered in our consciousness’, health, emotions and
thought processes.

There have been studies done on the effects of being immersed in external
energy fields and how they affect health and personalities.

One example is the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) generated by high tension
power lines[5]. There is evidence that suggests that to some extent, living within the
EMF generated by these power lines contributes to cancer, it is not certain but
according to research and publications put out by the World Health Organization
(WHO), EMF from power lines can also cause headaches, fatigue, anxiety and/or

Individual/CE Cloud Interaction
Neuroscience and Psychology work with a model of the human mind as
being made up of two independently functioning components, the subconscious
and the conscious. The latter, a field of bioenergy produced by synapses firing
between specialized cells in the brain. When the conscious is combined with the
subconscious, a mind is produced capable of exercising cognitive functions and
enabling us to do such things as obtain food, seek shelter, procreate, and when
necessary, react to outside stimuli with the flight or fight response.

According to this model, the human mind resides in the volume of space
occupied by the biological brain mass. Without it there can be no mind, and with
no mind no cognitive functions performed.

But the single cell amoeba, Arcella demonstrates that consciousness can and
does exist independently of a physical brain, that consciousness it is an energy field
linked to a biological mass, not generated by it.

  • As the name indicates, the Arcella is a single cell consisting of a nucleus
    encased in an outer layer of tissue called a “test”. It has no brain, no nerves, no
    synapses to fire, and yet it demonstrates much of the same functionality with
    respect to consciousness and reasoning abilities that mammals do.
  • Some kinds of Arcella collect sand particles that they attach to the “test” to
    create a protective shell.
  • It can extend pseudo pods to act like feet, legs and arms, giving it the ability to
    move about and manipulate its environment.
  • Feeding on plankton and diatoms present in the water where it lives, it can
    sense whether the particles it encounters are suitable for food, rejecting things
    like sand particles. When it finds a suitable food particle, such as plankton, it
    uses the pseudo pods to draw it in, then surrounds and consumes it.
  • It has an awareness of its orientation and possesses the ability to right itself if
    it becomes inverted by exuding gas bubbles along one side, lifting that side up
    until it can flip over. It then reabsorbs the bubbles.

All these actions are indicative of a fully capable functioning mind or
consciousness. But, if there are no physical attributes in this single cell like that of
the human brain, no synapses to fire, and no nervous system to conduct commands
from the nonexistent brain, where does it do its thinking?

The only rational explanation is that the amoeba’s consciousness is not
physical, but a discrete packet of energy capable of awareness of its surroundings and with the ability to manipulate the organic mass of its single cell through a
nonphysical energy source.

If consciousness was limited to a set of organically generated
electrochemical signals flowing along physical pathways within a fixed organic
mass, then forces from distant planets that I suggest interact with the mind would
have no more effect on brain cells than the moon’s pull on the ocean that creates
the tides.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a method used by the medical community
to record an electrogram of the spontaneous electrical activity of the brain. The
complex energy waveform patterns generated by the brain as the cognitive
functions of the brain play out their part produce a dynamic display of sinusoidal
wave energy through sensors placed on the person’s skin, indicating that the
consciousness field extends outward from the brain to at least the surface of the
body, making it subject to influence by the CE Cloud.

While in development in the mother’s body the fetus’s developing field is
shielded from that field, and so until the moment of birth shielded from influence
by planetary alignments.

But immediately post birth the baby is no longer shielded within the mother
and whatever composite pattern of energy that exists at that physical location at
that time merges with the forming conscious, subconscious, body-mind of the
infant, performing the initial programming of what becomes the personality aspect
of the mind.

The real value provided by Astrology is its ability to recreate an accurate
picture of the conditions presented by the CE Cloud at the precise moment that full
activation of our consciousness occurs as we move outside of the shielding of our
birth mother.

Since the energy field that a given area is immersed in at a given time will
be constant with respect to its composite energy pattern, two children delivered by
separate mothers at the same hospital at the same point in time will have been
subjected to the same initial programming and have birth charts which are
virtually identical.

It would be reasonable then to assume that people with identical birth
charts respond to changes in astrological alignments in the same way, but they
don’t always, and sometimes the responses are significantly different.

Why is that? It is because the human mind is a Triad, a combination of three
independent fields of energy.

1. An Energy Body, a field of energy formed as a collective of the fields present
in every living cell of the physical human body. Each cell possesses an
individual governing consciousness functioning independently of a brain,
as is demonstrated when sections of skin placed in nutrients grow into a new
epidermis for use as skin grafts.

2. The subconscious, an individualized fragment of Jung’s Group

3. The conscious, a “Discrete” consciousness (Soul or Spirit in some belief

That children born at the same place and time and sharing similar social
and environmental conditions exhibit differences in how they respond to changes
in Astrological conditions during their lives is due to the individuality of the
Discrete Conscious portion of the mind.

Jung postulated that the subconscious portion of the mind was based the
past collective experience of the human race, and did not vary between individuals,
but the conscious portion of the mind did vary.

This is the area of astrology on which significantly different opinions are
held. Is the mind of child at the moment of birth a blank slate with respect to
personality, so children with identical birth charts will be programmed identically?

Or does the newborn come with a set of memories and experiences from past lives
that will influence how it responds to personal experiences in this life, and be a
factor in how it exercises the freewill aspect of this mind?

While evolution as an individual through a series of incarnate and
discarnate periods has been an accepted concept in much of the world, in the West
it has not been so. But in recent decades there has been serious research into this
area by scientists like Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia
School of Medicine, and Jim Tucker, professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral
science at the University of Virginia.

Stevenson’s research centered on collecting and examining cases of children
“Typically, between the age of 2 and 4 (with a mean age of 35 months) such
children start talking about their previous life, often speaking about the events that
led up to their death, and sometimes using the present tense as if their previous
life was still continuing. In some cases, Stevenson was able to identify the person
the child claimed to be and to verify the information by speaking to relatives of the

Since Stevenson’s death, other researchers have followed his lead. Now
around 2500 reports of children’s past-life memories have been studied. Research
has shown that normally the children’s reported previous lives ended prematurely
and unnaturally, often involving violence, suicide, or an accident. In almost three-
quarters of cases, the “previous personality” (in the term coined by Stevenson) died
relatively young. A quarter died before the age of 15. On average, the previous
personalities died four-and-a-half years before the birth of the children with whom
they were associated “[4].

Because none of this past life information can be taken into account when
projecting how an individual will respond to astrological changes, the accuracy of
projecting what an individual’s reactions to events will be will vary with the
individual. This unfortunately causes some to dismiss astrology’s value as a tool.

An area that I see little discussion of is astrology’s value for predicting the
actions of large groups, such as the members of an individual community or

What has little variance amongst the minds formed at birth is the
subconscious, so the planetary energies will produce consistency in the ways that
the group mind responds, frequently functioning as a mob mentality. This
commonality of emotion driven actions within a group can be projected very
consistently though astrology.

To Summarize

Those born at the same time, day, and place, sharing the CE Cloud as it
exists at that point, will exhibit some commonality in how they respond to the
Astrological Aspects, but there will still be differences in their reactions.
Various belief systems hold that we all participate in a periodic cycle of
discarnate and incarnate states of being. If the past lives experienced by our
Discrete Consciousness are added to the equation, then individuals, regardless of
similarity in birth conditions astrologically, will possess a different collection of
experiences, lessons learned, or not learned, and will tend to react to external
stimuli in ways that vary with the individual.
To document what form of energies are present and their possible effects on
a client due to the planetary positionings, the astrologer will prepare a chart (a
circle divided into 12 segments) that represent the planetary placements of the sun,
moon, planets, etc. relative to the physical location of the mother/baby at the
moment of birth.

Referred to as an individual’s birth or natal chart, from it an astrologer can
see what astrological influences the individual was subjected to at birth, use it to
discover what influences the individual is being subjected to at present, and to
forecast the influences they will be subjected to at a future date and place.

Using an individual’s birth chart for forecasting an individual’s probable reactions to
events can be done with some accuracy, but inferring the probability and magnitude of that individual’s response is more of a challenge for the Astrologer, and like any profession, the Astrologer’s level of experience and aptitude will play a part in the accuracy of the projections.

As discussed above, persons born on a given date, time, and location, such as twins in a
maternity ward will have birth charts that are nearly identical, but may react to the natural progression of changes in planetary alignments differently due to their past lives experiences.

Astrological projections are based on just one of many factors involved
in the cause-and-effect process of celestial energies interaction with human
consciousnesses, not all responses to those energies will be same, and not every
astrologer shares the same level of ability, all of which calls into question how
accurate a forecast can be made from a natal chart.

So what is the value of astrology as a practice?

I view it as like checking the weather report before planning my day. If rain
is in the forecast, then bringing an umbrella seems wise. If the forecast drawn from
the chart for my physical area indicates that the group consciousness will be likely
to be in an aggressive mood, then I will be more watchful for signs of irritation in
those who I will interface with that day.

That it is of value for some areas of business is demonstrated by how some
who invest in the stock market have found its use to be very profitable.

The decision of whether or not astrology as a tool is of sufficient value in
one’s life that it should be made use of is a personal one, but as I have attempted
to show here, the driving forces of astrology are natural law, and as a field of science
should be respected accordingly.

[1] Science Confirms Astrology! by Ben Y Hayden Ph.D Psychology Today

[2] Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion,
An Overview for Science teachers by David P. Stern

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[4] Evaluating the Evidence for Reincarnation / Psychology Today
Can deceased people somehow be reborn in a different body?
Posted December 20, 2021
Evaluating the Evidence for Reincarnation | Psychology Today

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